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A DVD - Voices of Cades Cove, Part 6: Water Works

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"Voices of Cades Cove, Part 6: Water Works" won the highest Platinum Remi Award for Biographical / Autobiographical Documentary at the 51st Annual WorldFest International Film Festival.

Here, in the sixth part of the continuing mini-series, we come to understand the impact of water in Cades Cove, how it gave life to the valley and how it shaped fortunes and losses. The streams and creeks in Cades Cove supplied water to grind corn, forge iron and saw wood and the Cove was full of mills and stills at one time. Meet the Cable, Shields, Post, Powell, Proctor, Coada, Whitehead, Gregory, McCaulley, Burchfield, Ledbetter and Tipton families; see the Cable Mill in action; hear about Sam Sparks on Russell Field; the Jane & Russell Burchfield store; Parson's Branch Road; the Boring, Post, and Burchfield cemeteries; and the community of Chestnut Flats.

We get a glimpse of what it was like to live near a powerful creek, make moonshine, see a stormy Cove, with beautiful scenes of creeks! We see the importance of the mighty chestnut trees, maple trees and apple trees up in the Sugar Coves.

Chapters include: Previously on Voices - A Creek Runs Through It - Up On Russell Field - Peanuts on the Porch - Milling Around - aunt Becky - Jay Birds - Forge Creek Road - Tildy's Tiny House - Forging Ahead - Living on Mill Creek - Nuts and Sugar - Chestnut Flats - Stories & Credits