Kate Marshall Graphics - A Visual Arts Studio Sharing Nature, Culture & History for Everyone in 2020

11/19/20 - In Final Review / Post-Production End: NEW DVD soon to be released! Part 9 in the continuing mini-series "Voices of Cades Cove" is planned for release before Christmas. Check back here often and get your stocking stuffers! 

11/18/20 - COMING SPRING 2021! - Planning a new category that will be added to our shop in 2021 - "Pawprints" wall plaques, original to Kate Marshall Graphics. We will offer the following: 

EXTRA LARGE - $50 each: American Black Bear, front adult single; American Black Bear, rear sub-adult single; Cougar, adult front double 

LARGE - $40 each: American Black Bear, cubs double (2 ½ prints); Bobcat, adult, double (2 ½ prints) 

MEDIUM - $30 each: Cougar, front adult single; Grey Fox, front & rear adult double; Wolf and Pups, front - 1 adult, 2 babies 

SMALL - $20 each; Bobcat, front adult single; Coyote, front adult single; White-tailed Deer, front adult single; White-tailed Deer, adult double. All are plaster of paris and very fragile, recommended for wall decor only. These are hand-cast and hand stained, one at a time. Original cast designs all by us here in our studio at Kate Marshall Graphics.