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In Post-Production now:

"Season of the Bear, Volume 6: North America's Bears" (2021)

   - Have completed about 40% as of March, brown bears (Grizzlies and Kodiak) and part of black bears.

"Voices of Cades Cove, Part 10: Coming Home" (2021 or 2022)

   - Have completed about 25% as of March; 4 interviews & some media missing due to Covid-19 safety

"Waterbirds of the Southern States" (2021 or 2022)

   - Have completed about 45% as of March

In Planning Stages:

"El Lagarto: American Alligator"

"Voices of Cataloochee, Part 1: Ridge Upon Ridge" 

"Voices of Cataloochee, Part 2"

Part 9 in the continuing mini-series "Voices of Cades Cove" has been released! Get it here on our website.