Kate Marshall Graphics, A Video Production Studio With a Focus on Southern Nature & Cultural History

7/25/19 - ANNOUNCEMENT:  Planning "Voices of Cataloochee" 2-double-DVD set now - if you are a former resident or descendant please go to our 'CONTACT" tab and send me a message!

7/03/19 - COMING IN FALL 2020: DVD "WATERBIRDS OF THE SOUTHEASTERN STATES" This 1+hour program shares fantastic video and narration of bird that prefer wet places. These are birds that migrate and well as enjoy a permanent residency in the South, but are also found in many other parts of the country. They include swimmers such as duck, moorhen, goose, grebe, anhinga and cormorant; aggressive fishers such as bald eagle and osprey; divers such as brown pelican, migrating white pelican, and gull; and waders such as great blue heron, little blue heron, Louisiana heron, green-backed heron, yellow-crowned night heron, black-crowned night heron, American egret, snowy egret, cattle egret, and endangered Florida sandhill crane; and some favorite shorebirds. This will be a truly fascinating program with a spectacular view of several rookeries with up-close shots of babies in the nest! Why hit the road when you can see these beautiful birds on our program from the comfort of your favorite armchair? 

6/15/19 - COMING IN FALL 2019: DVD "VOICES OF CADES COVE, PART 8: PIONEER PLACES" This 2-hour program will pick up where Part 7 left off along the Loop Road, Cades Cove, in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Part 8 will include the story of the Isaac LeQuire family, a look at the history of the Tipton-Oliver cabin, the Gourley (Muster) Field and Gourley Pond, Rowan's Creek, Witt Shields, the Carter Shields cabin and the Civil War story of George Washington "Carter" Shields, Another view of the impact of the Civil War in the Cove, and more history in that part of the Cove. In post-production now. 

5/01/19 - COMING SOON: Planning a new category that will be added to our shop - "Pawprints" wall plaques, original to Kate Marshall Graphics. We will offer the following: EXTRA LARGE - $50 each: American Black Bear, front adult single; American Black Bear, rear sub-adult single; Cougar, adult front double - LARGE - $40 each: American Black Bear, cubs double (2 ½ prints); Bobcat, adult, double (2 ½ prints) - MEDIUM - $30 each: Cougar, front adult single; Grey Fox, front & rear adult double; Wolf and Pups, front - 1 adult, 2 babies - SMALL - $20 each; Bobcat, front adult single; Coyote, front adult single; White-tailed Deer, front adult single; White-tailed Deer, adult double. All are plaster of paris and very fragile, recommended for wall decor only in your cabin room. These are hand-cast and hand stained, one at a time. Original cast designs all by us here in our studio at Kate Marshall Graphics.

1/1/2019 Happy New Year to you! Starting a new year here in our production studio is always exciting and challenging at the same time. This is that time of year when we make decisions about upcoming projects and releases and when we think about offering new products and vacationing older ones. Join us on our journey of adventures and new goals for 2019-2020!