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Tapestry - "Deer - The Twins" - Afghan, 53x67


Kate Marshall Graphics (www.CoveBear.com) is an authorized dealer of North Carolina's Emily Tapestries. The designs of their tapestries are woven on a Jacquard Loom, producing a finely crafted product for years of appreciation. No matter the item you select for your personal experience, whether it will be displayed at home, the office, the cabin or the tote on your arm, feel confident you will receive a high-quality tapestry. Colors may appear brighter on your monitor than they do on the actual tapestry. To see our DVDs, Carvings, Books and Car Tags, click on SHOP.

Emily Tapestries are frequently available with matching items in the same family of design, such as pillows, afghans, large wall hangings, bell pull hangings and tote bags. Subject matter can be wolves, bears, beach, deer, moose, bison, raccoons, birds and other animals, seasonal such as Christmas, and more. We carry these tapestries because we have purchased them for ourselves and can vouch for the quality of these beautiful designs.