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Tapestry - "Birds - Egret" - 8.5"x40"

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A majestic Great American Egret on "Egret" stands in marshy water near wild white orchids and tall cattails, waiting for an unsuspecting fish to idly swim by.

Kate Marshall Graphics is an authorized dealer of Emily Tapestries. These tapestries from Emily Tapestries in North Carolina are beautiful! Subject matter may include wolves, bears, beach, nautical, deer, moose, bison, raccoons, bird, frog, horse, elk, wolf, and other animals, as well as seasonal such as Christmas and Halloween. We carry these tapestries because we purchased them for our own home before we carried them on our website, and we can vouch for the quality of these beautiful designs. NOTE: We have been notified that these lovely tapestries will no longer be manufactured after 2023. Please choose and order your favorite designs before they are gone!