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A DVD - Season of the Bear, Vol. 5: Elusive and Imperiled

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This documentary has won 3 awards for excellence in the 52nd Annual WorldFest International Film Festival - Gold for Public Service Documentary; Gold for Nature and Wildlife Documentary; and Silver for Ecology, Environment, and Conservation Documentary!

In "Season of the Bear, Volume 5: Elusive and Imperiled" we take a close look at three bears from Asia: the Sloth Bear living in Sri Lanka and the Indian sub-continent; the Sun Bear living in Malaysia; and the Giant Panda Bear living in china in the Minshan and Qinling mountains.

With a focus on researchers who work with these bears, we get an interesting overview of these unique bruins. up close video and photos of bears show appearance, behavior, diet, daily life and family life with cubs. Guest speakers are Dr. Frank T. van Manen (U.S. Geological Survey); Dr. Siew Te Wong (Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Malaysia); Dr. Megan Wilson (Zoo Atlanta); and Dr. Shyamala Ratnayeke (Sunway University, Malaysia).

All of these bears, as others of the 8 species of bears, face the pressures of dwindling populations due to natural habitat loss as well as human predators. The key to the survival of these bears is education. Without the telling of their stories, these bears will slowly fade away. © Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc.   CoveBear.com