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A DVD - Private Moments in Nature

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In this Winner of the 50th WorldFest International Film Festival, Gold Remi Award for Nature and Wildlife Documentary and Bronze Remi Award for Ecology-Environment-Conservation, Kate Marshall Graphics shares some very special moments in nature in this beautiful non-narrated program, a visual treat for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors! Often we are locked into our urban lives or we barge through hiking trails without paying much attention to what is happening nearby on the side of the trail. 

Taking the time to notice nature was once part of our innocence of childhood, but something we may have lost as we entered our ever-busy adult world. These film clips are taken from over 25 years of hiking and watching animals going about their daily work and play. Some of these have been used in part in our award-winning documentaries, but in an abbreviated manner. When producing a program, too much is often left on the cutting room floor, so we swept it all up and watched the longer versions. Much to our delight, we rediscovered those wonderful moments we were once treated to, while sharing the day with animals in their natural habitats.  We added great music, and the result is a true escape into nature.

The chapters are left with no narration, affording the viewer a very personal experience. Enjoy!

- First Snow at Big Creek (sparrow) - The Courtship (wood duck) - Born in a Flower Pot (Carolina wren) - Good Housekeeping (fiddler crab) - Attracting the Ladies (wild turkey) - Taking a Break (common moorhen) - A Season of Sunflowers (butterflies) - Bath Time (white-tailed deer) - A Walk in the Woods (skink, bear, woodpeckers, salamander, deer, dung beetle, anole lizard, millipede, etc.) - Wind and Waves (shorebirds including sandpiper, pelican, snowy egret, etc.) - Happy Turkeys (wild turkey) - Mountain Jewels (turks cap lily) - The Rendezvous (white-tailed deer) - The Berry Bandit (raccoon) - The Bear Tree (black bear) - Overture (reddish egret)

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