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Books - One Set of 3 of "THE EAST" Animal Tracks

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Kate Marshall Graphics is an authorized dealer for Lone Pine Publishing. These popular animal tracks field guides are accurate and a perfect size for hikers and campers, teachers and students, and anyone loving the great outdoors. Concise descriptions of the animals and their tracks are combined with detailed black and white drawings of the front and back prints, stride patterns and other identifying aspects, and also includes  pattern and print comparisons. All Animal Tracks Books measure 4.25" x 5.75". Animal tracks of many animals including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds are shown. These EAST animal tracks books are available only in this set of four. (NOTE: Some animals may appear in multiple field guides due to similar environments and habitats in certain regions.) Some animals included in our EAST collection are:

FLORIDA, GEORGIA, ALABAMA - American Alligator - Wild Boar - River Otter - Willet - 9-Banded Armadillo - Eastern Tiger Salamander - and many more

MARYLAND, DELAWARE, VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON D.C. -  Eastern Newt - Long-Tailed Weasel - White-Tailed Deer - Northern Flicker - Great Blue Heron -  and many more

THE APPALACHIANS - American Black Bear - Porcupine - Fox Squirrel - Red Squirrel - Opossum - Common Raven - Ground Hog - Raccoon - and many more