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Ironwood Carving - 3 Leaping Dolphins

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"3 LEAPING DOLPHINS" by Earthview Carvings - This trio of dolphins leaping through the waves of the sea is so magical and beautiful. The dolphins do have some leeway to be moved to slightly different positions in this lyrical ironwood carving. They could be in the Gulf of Mexico, they could be in the Pacific Ocean, or they could be on your coffee table. At 8 inches wide, they are an impressive size, and a welcome addition to any style of decorating. Perfect for people who love the ocean and its inhabitants!

WHAT IS IRONWOOD? Ironwood carving is a unique form of art from the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico. It was handcrafted from desert Ironwood, a very dense and heavy wood of intriguing origin. To be suitable for carving, the wood must be exposed to the extremes of the climatic conditions that exist only in the desert. Years of exposure in this hot, dry environment cause the natural resins to collect, condense and cure, thus transforming the wood into very dense and heavy Ironwood. The government has prohibited the harvesting of living Ironwood trees, causing the artisans to search extensively for naturally fallen trees. No green wood is suitable or used for carving. Ironwood carving is an unusually demanding art form originated by the Seri Indians, a small tribe that have dwelled in the great Sonoran Desert for thousands of years. Once the wood has been gathered, each piece is hand crafted using very simple tools. It requires long hours of carving, hand sanding and polishing, plus an artistic "eye" to effectively capture the beautiful burl and distinctive grain inherent to Ironwood. The result of this handwork is that no two pieces are identical. Ironwood carvings have a rich brown color, and are normally medium to dark brown when polished. There is a limited supply of true Ironwood and a diminishing number of carvers. 

Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. (www.CoveBear.com) is an authorized dealer for Arizona's EarthView Inc. Their desert ironwood carvings are crafted from one of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world. Colors and wood patterns vary, no two are exactly alike. Wildlife carvings from this special wood are well known. EarthView Inc. has also used Ironwood to create new home accent products. Talented artisans in EarthView's own shop handcraft these items. They extensively search for the highest quality wood and employ only the best carvers. EarthView, Inc. is environmentally and socially concerned. All of their wood is gathered with government-issued permits. Their business helps to support numerous families, and in some cases, entire villages in rural Latin America for certain other types of artwork. Salaries for the artisans are  above average.

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