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  • Gift Wrapping Services


    Shop early and forget it! We can wrap your gift in your choice of wrap and hold it until mid-late November or the date of your choosing! You have the option to choose the gift wrap for your gift, to add to and from names for us to write on the name tag, and also to tell us which wrap goes on which item for multiple items in one shipment. Choose from one of our four gift wrap papers with matching tag, knowing that your gift will arrive beautifully wrapped and ready to put under the tree, with no peeking! - "Holiday Horses" - "Tree Cardinal" - "Evergreen Christmas" - "Botanical Windows" - A ribbon will also be added around your gift, but no bow, so that the gift can fit snugly in its shipping box.  We think you will love these fine wraps! Click on photos to enlarge. (Note: All reds on these fine papers are true reds, but may be shown here as lighter reds or pinks!) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us a message. Kate Marshall herself will respond! This low $2.00 price is for each one individual item that we wrap, or for wrapping multiple items in your order together in a bundle of one. (Example: If you have 4 separately wrapped gifts in one package going to one address, each gift wrapped separately, that would be a total of $8 for gift wrapping services. If all 4 items are bundled into only one wrapped gift, that would be a total of $2 for gift wrapping services.) (Note: We are not selling this gift wrap, we are offering to wrap your CoveBear purchase in the gift wrap of your choice.)