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A DVD - The Whitetails of Cades Cove

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White-tailed deer behavior in the 4 seasons! Winner of the Gold Remi Award for Cinematography / Videography, the Silver Remi Award for Nature and Wildlife Documentary, and the Bronze Remi Award for Ecology-Environment-Conservation Documentary at the 48th International WorldFest International Film Festival. This one hour program on one disc begins with the story of the heritage herd that is found in the area of Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and then showcases white-tailed deer behavior and ecology in the four seasons. Special guests include Bill Stiver of National Park Service in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and David Whitehead of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Gorgeous filming of deer in winter snow, deer on the windy woods and green meadows in spring, bucks with velvet in summer, and bucks sparring for does in autumn. Fantastic up close and personal filming of white-tailed deer! For all ages, non-violent.

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