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A DVD - Voices of Cades Cove, Part 5: A Full Life

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"Voices of Cades Cove, Part 5" was another big winner the 50th Annual WorldFest International Film Festival. It was honored with the highest Platinum Remi Award in Cultural Documentary, the Gold Remi Award in Travel & Tourism Documentary, the Gold Award in Biographical / Autobiographical Documentary. The fifth in this continuing travel mini-series takes us further along the Loop Road where we meet Russell Gregory and his son Walter, Jake Garland's dispute with with General Harmon, a look at the historic Cooper Road Trail, another part of the John Oliver family (son Elijah, and Elijah's grandson John W., and his son Hugh), the Burchfield family (Robert, Noah, John Henderson, Vernie and Verna), and more of the Myers family located there (Charlie and son Hugh and his family and the Cades Cove Riding Stable).

Special features include the Baxter Bean rifle owned by John W. Oliver, and a guided tour of a hundred year old cabin and its contents much like some of the ones in Cades Cove. Guests include Cades Cove residents and descendants, and Representatives from National Park Service in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Chapters include: Previously on Voices of Cades Cove - Introduction and Cooper Road Trail - Something From Home - The Stranger Room - Go That Extra Mile -  Cades Cove Fighter Pilot - Old Bean - Born in 1774 - The Door Keeper - A Lively Time - All the Pretty Horses - Granny's House - This program ends with a beautiful aerial montage of the Park and as with the others in this mini-series, more stories and previews with the end credits.

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