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A DVD - Voices of Cades Cove, Part 4: Winds of Change

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"Voices of Cades Cove, Part 4: Winds of Change" was a big winner at the 50th Annual WorldFest International Film Festival, taking home the Gold Remi Award for Cultural Documentary, the Gold Remi Award for Historical Documentary, the Silver Remi Award for Travel & Tourism Documentary, and the Silver Remi Award for Biographical /Autobiographical Documentary.        

The fourth in this continuing travel mini-series takes us further along the Loop Road and deeper into early history of the Myers Family and of the birth of a national park. It introduces us to Baldy John, Wade, Jonathan and his family, Daniel H. and his family, all in Myers Town. We see the impact that the formation of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Civilian Conservation Corps had on the residents of Cades Cove, and the beauty of the Park today. Stirring speeches at Park dedications includes those of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and U.S. Senator and former Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander. 

Guests include Cades Cove residents and descendants, and Representatives from National Park Service in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Chapters include: Previously on Voices of Cades Cove - Introduction and Ordinary People - Myers Town 1 (Baldy John & Jonathan Myers Family, Jake and Charlie Garland - Myers Town 2 (Daniel H. Myers Family) - Myers Town 3 (Peter Myers Family including Cordie, Charlie, Henry, Sherman, and Golman, and Myers Critters) - Moving Out (the heart rending and poignant stories of families having to leave their homes to make way for the Park as told by former residents who were there) - Civilian Conservation Corps (history of the national Corps, the CCC camps on this Park, and Cades Cove residents who joined the Corps) - Park Dedications (early years in the Park, an archival interview with the first GSMNP Naturalist, the mission of the first GSMNP Supervisor, speeches and dedications) - This program ends with a beautiful aerial montage of the Park and as with the others in this mini-series, more stories and previews with the end credits.

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