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A DVD - The Story of Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians

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“The Story of Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians” - 1 hour 46 minutes on 2 discs -      

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Triple Winner at the 46th Annual International WorldFest Film Festival in these categories:

- Highest Platinum Remi Award for Cinematography

- Gold Remi Award for Nature and Wildlife Documentary

- Silver Remi Award for Ecology-Environment-Conservation


Six years in the making, filming in all sorts of mountain terrain, this program covers three seasons of wildflowers in the southern Appalachians, including pollinators, habitat, history, medicinal uses, how to identify wildflowers and more. Fantastic film, beautiful music, more wildlife, and great expert speakers round out this program.

Guest speakers include:

- Dr. Thomas E. Hemmerly (Professor of Biology at Middle Tennessee State University)

- Theresa Schrum (Certified Arborist and Horticulturist)

- Ila Hatter (Wildcrafter and Interpretive Naturalist)

- Dr. Robert D. Hatcher, Jr. (Distinguished Scientist and Professor of Geology at University of Tennessee)

- James Alexander Fowler - Wild Orchid Expert and Professional Photographer and Author

- Ken Voorhis (Director at Institute at Tremont in Great Smoky Mountains National Park)

More than 165 flowering plants, vines, trees and shrubs are shown with both common and Latin names and 14 great wildflower trails are shown in north Georgia, western North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway and east Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains. One hour 46 minutes on 2 discs. Exquisite wildflower filming! For all ages.

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