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A DVD - Season of the Bear, Vol. 1: American Black Bear

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Winner of the Bronze Remi Award for Nature and Wildlife Documentary at the 36th Annual WorldFest International Film Festival. This is a one-hour program which is an overview of black bears, and shows bears in the four seasons. We show signs of bear aggression and learn about bear safety, what habitats and foods are good for bears, and what happens when people move into bear territory. Included are some very dramatic scenes such as a mama bear bluff charging people who got too close to her cubs and two adult bears squaring off in a walnut grove. Included are fantastic scenes of bears in trees, bears on the ground and bear families in all four seasons.

Special guests include David Gregory and Charles Hans of Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Kim Delozier of National Park Service in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Dr. Frank T. van Manen of U.S. Geological Survey at University of Tennessee (Lee Science Center), and Rich Beausoleil of New Mexico Department of Fish and Game. For all ages, non-violent.

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