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A DVD - Mountain Music with Carl & Betty Ross of Tymes Past

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Winner of the Silver Remi Award for Entertainment, the Bronze Remi Award for Performance Arts / Music and the Bronze Remi Award for Cultural Documentary at the 44th International WorldFest International Film Festival. From Carl and Betty: "We believe that preserving old time music is important to our heritage. We present the music carried from the immigrants' homeland and altered to a unique lifestyle in the Appalachians of the new world . . . the Root Music of America." Carl Ross began playing a mountain dulcimer in 1979, which introduced him to these lovely old tunes, and he found many of the old songs sounded great on a banjo. He now plays an open-back banjo in the traditional claw hammer style, as well as the guitar and dulcimer. Betty Ross plays tunes from the 1800s and early 1900's on a three-string homemade rhythm bass and a plucked psaltery or harp. Carl and Betty have performed their music in many places, including Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They perform the old songs and their history in clear, simple and honest renditions. This musical DVD contains these songs:

My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains, When You and I were Young Maggie, Buffalo Girl, High on a Mountain, This World is Not my Home, Canaan's Land, The Wind that Shakes the Corn, Sugar in the Gourd, The Blackest Crow, Old Dan Tucker, My Old Cottage Home, Little Girl Dressed in Blue, You are my Flower

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Mountain Music with Carl and Betty Ross of Tymes Past - 1 hour on 1 disc - © 2011 Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. and Carl and Betty Ross