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Book - The Everglades, Where Wonders Only Whisper by Bill Lea

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Kate Marshall Graphics is an authorized dealer for author / photographer Bill Lea. (We offer free shipping for all items on this website, except for our 3 heaviest books. For that reason we must charge $8 toward shipping on this book.) The Everglades—a web subtropical wetland made up of marsh and prairie that once covered more than 4,000 square miles, or nearly one-third of southern Florida—is celebrated in this beautiful photo book. With dozens of stunning images of the region’s unique flora, fauna, and landscapes, readers are provided with an educational recourse that discusses the area’s history and its mistreatment—from attempts to drain the Everglades to the issues of construction and pollution. Hoping to promote a better understanding and appreciation for Florida’s wildlife and natural bounty, this book will be of interest to conservationists, nature lovers, and history buffs. Hard cover, 128 pages.

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