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A DVD SET - 11 Cades Cove Documentaries

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Discounted - $15 OFF for this set of all 11 DVDs pertaining to Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and other areas in the southern Appalachian Mountains, offered directly by the Producers to you! Eight "Voices of Cades Cove" programs tell the cultural history of Cades Cove, as told by former residents and descendants of the Cove, and National Park Service. (2 more on the way) "The Whitetails of Cades Cove" focuses on the native herd of deer seen in the Cove, but also shows white-tailed deer in the four seasons, with does, fawns and bucks. "The Story of Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians" encompasses several wildflower hotspots and trails in North Georgia, Western North Carolina and East Tennessee, and includes a fabulous nearly 30-minute segment just on the wildflowers seen in Cades Cove. An added bonus in this set is "Mountain Music" featuring the music of Carl and Betty Ross, who performed every "Old Timers' Day" at the front porch of the visitor center in Cades Cove for many years. This entire set is perfect for any Cades Cove lover or someone who is interested in Great Smoky Mountains history. music and wildlife!  (The newest Voices DVD, Part 9, is available as a separate item on this website and is not yet part of this set.) Media Rate Mail will be applied as a low flat rate $3.00 charge at checkout.) © Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. - CoveBear.com

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In this set are all 8 "Voices of Cades Cove" - "Mountain Music with Carl and Betty Ross of Tymes Past" - "The Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians" (with a long segment on the flowers found in Cades Cove, includes wildlife) - and "The Whitetails of Cades Cove."  Many hours of viewing enjoyment!

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