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A DVD SET - 10 Wildlife Documentaries

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Our entire set of all 10 of our fantastic DVDs pertaining to wildlife and nature, including animals and flowering plants & trees offered directly by the Producers to you! The first 4 "Season of the Bear" programs tell the history, characteristics, ecology, status, and antics of the American Black Bear in North America ("...American Black Bear" - "...Black Bear Cubs" - "...True Bear Stories" (Florida, Alaska, Georgia, California, Great Smokies, etc. - "...Southern Bears (featuring 9 southern states with a special feature of Great Smoky Mountains National Park bears) - " The 5th one is of Asia Bears - "...Elusive and Imperiled" (Giant Panda, Sun and Sloth Bear) as presented by KMG. The 6th is our newest! ("...North America's Bears") - Includes federal and state agency experts and fantastic footage of American Black Bear, Brown Bears including Grizzly and Kodiak, and of course Polar Bear! Includes bears in national parks: Great Smokies, Yellowstone, Katmai, Yosemite, Glacier)

"The Whitetails of Cades Cove" focuses on all wild white-tailed deer in the four seasons including ecology, scent marking and the rut with antler clashing, as well as several does, fawns and bucks, and provides a description of the heritage herd found in Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Great footage in Cades Cove in the 4 seasons!

"The Story of Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians" encompasses several wildflower hotspots and trails in North Georgia, Western North Carolina and East Tennessee; expert narrative by wildflower experts, and also contains (with common and Latin names) beautiful videography highlighting over 165 flowering plants, vines, shrubs and trees with butterflies, bees and other forest animals.

We have 2 wildlife documentaries that contain very limited (if any) narration: "Private Moments in Nature" is a beautiful program of nature set to music (crab, reddish egret, butterfly, raccoon, bear, dung beetle, snail, and more) - no narration - and "Painted Wings & Feathered Things in the Smokies" (fantastic footage on this one too, of butterflies and skippers and birds in and around Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with great music and very limited narration).

This set is perfect for anyone interested in wildlife and the outdoors, also featuring Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Yosemite National Park, Katmai National Park and several states and other countries. (See also each DVD's page for details about each one individually, including contents and expert guest speakers.) © Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. - CoveBear.com

Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. is the sole producer, manufacturer and distributor of these DVDs – All KMG DVDs (Ratio 4:3, DVD minus R) are licensed to be sold and viewed in Region 1 encoding only (U.S,A. including Puerto Rico - Canada - Bermuda). See descriptions of individual DVDs in the SHOP MENU. All are international film award winners! Shipped directly from the producers at Kate Marshall Graphics in Georgia.