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A DVD - Season of the Bear, Vol. 6: North America's Bears

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Our latest documentary on DVD is a 4-time winner at the 55th Annual WorldFest International Film Festival in 2022! "Season of the Bear, Volume 6: North America's Bears" has won the following awards:

- GOLD in Nature & Wildlife Documentary - GOLD in Ecology-Environment-Conservation Documentary -  GOLD in Cinematography -  GOLD for Excellence in Documentary

It celebrates American Black Bears, Brown Bears (Grizzly and Kodiak), and Polar Bears. Wild bears are symbols of American wilderness and seeing one is so awesome! Watching and learning about bears gives us insights and a deeper understanding. At nearly 3 hours, this documentary was a huge undertaking, and offers fantastic stories, conservation and research, and mostly, great films and photos of bears! Representatives from these agencies are interviewed, discussed, or have licensed their media for this special educational bear project: 


- U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: Leetown Science Center, Appalachian Field Branch / University of Tennessee, KMG Interview (Frank T. van Manen)

- NATIONAL PARK SERVICE: Great Smoky Mountains National Park, KMG Interviews (Bill Stiver / Kim Delozier / Arthur ‘Butch’ McDade / Lisa Free) - Yellowstone National Park NPS Film “Minute Out In It - Bear Jams” (John Kerr / Kerry Gunther) - Yosemite National Park NPS Film “Nature Notes: Black Bears” (David Graber / Ryan Leahy /  Rachel Mazur) – Glacier National Park, NPS Footage of Wolverine & Scenics

- UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE: Pioneering denning black bear research and more in the Great Smoky Mountains, KMG Interview (Michael Pelton)

- U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE: Mississippi and Louisiana, KMG Interview (Shauna Ginger Everett)

- MONTANA FISH, WILDLIFE AND PARKS: Surprising footage (Winston Greely) of tourist chaos with black bears in Yellowstone National Park, within the National Park Service Film “A Minute Out In It – Bear Jams”

- SCOTT MICHAEL ANNA (Georgia, Film of Black Bears in residential area via remote camera)

- KATE MARSHALL GRAPHICS (American Black Bears)


- MONTANA FISH, WILDLIFE & PARKS: Dramatic Grizzly Bear film releases and photos (from Tim Manley / Justine Vallieres)

- MOLLIE MEICHES: Film of Grizzly Bear chasing American Black Bear in Glacier National Park

- U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: Fantastic USGS Films of Grizzly Bears and other wildlife from Northern Divide Bear Project, West Glacier / Glacier National Park, Montana (Kate Kendall)    

– U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: Great Film “The Return of the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear” from Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (Mark Haroldson, Frank T. van Manen, Chad Dickinson)

- NATIONAL PARK SERVICE: Beautiful footage of fishing Grizzly Bears in Katmai National Park and Preserve (submitted by Amber Kraft & Lian Law)

- U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE: Great footage of Kodiak Bears, depicting fishing, playing and family life, in water and on land


- ONTARIO MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES / Trent University – Canada: Intriguing films from helicopters and researchers in the Southern Hudson Bay Region, ecology, climate change, diet, denning, KMG Interview (Martyn E. Obbard)

- U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: USGS Film “Polar Bears Film Their Own Sea Ice World” Southern Beaufort Sea, Alaska (Anthony Pagano)

- U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: USGS Film “Polar Bear Research” (Todd Atwood and Kristin Simac) 

- NOAA / US Coast Guard Cutter: NOAA Cutting through the sea ice in the Arctic