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  • Retro 19" ViewSonic Pro Series P810 Computer Monitor

    $225.00 $100.00

    SOLD OUT! Condition - Excellent. This is the Retro 19" ViewSonic CRT Professional Series computer monitor that certain Retro Gamers are searching for! It is available now, gently used (yes, we always take care of our equipment) and with appropriate cables attached in the back ready to hook up. Manufactured in 1999. At one time this monitor was used for graphics presentations and video editing, and is now available for anyone searching for this retro monitor, with cables attached. It is very heavy so we would have to charge shipping as an additional fee, if you are not local to the metropolitan Atlanta area. Otherwise, you can pick it up at your convenience at no charge. We will contact you by the email you put on your order for pickup location and date/time. If it does not work for some reason (but it should!) you can return it for a full refund within the first 15 days so plug it in quick! This one is hard to find now so hopefully you will be pleased that we have it available, so try it out. It's nice, it's analog, and it's yours if you want it!