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A DVD SET - 6 Season of the Bear Documentaries

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A sweetheart of a deal ($10 DISCOUNT) for an order of all 6 of the international award-winning and beloved "Season of the Bear" documentary series on DVDs offered directly by the Producers at Kate Marshall Graphics to you! The first four of these DVDs are all about American Black Bears, the fifth is Asia Bears, and the sixth is about the bears in North America! Our bears are perfect for yourself or that bear lover in your family or circle of friends. See more detailed descriptions of individual DVDs on this website. You may order them singly on this website or as a discounted set. Here is a brief description of each:

1. "American Black Bear" is an overview of black bears, including diet, behavior, habitat, safety, rescue, and bears in the four seasons. Rare footage includes a stand off between two adult bears in a walnut grove, with cubs in the tree, and rescuing several cubs in the snows of New Mexico.

2. "Black Bear Cubs" is all about young cubs starting as newborns in the winter den, first week old until adult. Rare footage includes family life, with tiny little cubs in the den with mama bear, and little cubs in the woods with mama bear, and on up to sub-adult and adult bears. As in the first, bear trees are highlighted here, what a sight!

3. "True Bear Stories" are great dramatic and comical tales told by the folks who met those black bears, from Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, California and Alaska. Rare photographs include a bear being rescued in the sea, video and photos of rescuing a bear cub with his head stuck in a jar, a mama bear trying to get her cub untangled from a net, and more.

4. "Southern Bears" is all about bears in 9 states from Arkansas to North Carolina, their habitat, challenges, diet, history and research. This is our longest, at 3+ hours on 3 discs all with fantastic footage of wild bears. Several bear experts share their knowledge of black bears. Includes a special segment on bear management in Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

5. "Elusive and Imperiled" is about Asia bears, Giant Panda, Sun Bear and Sloth Bear, all in trouble with habitat destruction and poaching.

6. "North America's Bears" is all about our bears - Brown Bears, American Black Bears, Polar Bears! Nearly 3 hours (on 3 discs) of fantastic videos and photos, bear experts, and beautiful BEARS!

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