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  • Baby Black Bears Wall Pawprint Plaque

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    SOLD OUT! "BLACK BEAR CUBS" - This unique and rate set of baby black bear pawprints has made a unique wall plaque made of plaster of paris by Kate Marshall Graphics, measuring 7” x 6” and is categorized as our large plaque size. One full rear paw shows with partials on 2 other front paws. It comes with a label, wall protectors and a hook on the back. Each KMG pawprint plaque is handmade individually here in our visual arts studio. It is a labor-intensive process, from pouring to sanding to staining and sealing. All of our pawprint plaques are cast positive, so that you can see fur, skin and claws. Caution: They are very fragile and are meant to be wall hangings. Other prints will be added soon. This item ships free!